Avoid the Ace: JnC Vs Pippa Lily
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"JnC plays Avoid the Ace with Pippa Lily--Who gets gunged?!"

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Year produced:2016
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Pippa Lily visited JnC Studios for a few games in the gunge tank. After an introductory gunging (see the store for that movie!) we chose to play a round of classic Avoid the Ace!

Pippa was wearing a very cute office-style outfit; a thin white shirt with a black halter-neck bra underneath, paired with a short black skirt and a belt. JnC wore a shiny black short sleeved shirt with some lacey leggings underneath.

The game started with Pippa in the gunge tank while JnC turned cards from Pippa's pile, one by one, looking for that losing Ace. After three cards were turned and no ace was revealed the girls swapped seats and JnC took a turn in the tank, while Pippa turned her first three cards.

It's clear from the screen caps and photos who lost the game, but if you want to keep it a surprise then stop reading now and download the movie!

It would have been unfair to have brought Pippa Lily all the way to JnC Studios without letting her lose and, although it wasn't rigged this way, she received the gunging from the first Avoid the Ace game! See her from the front and then from the over-head cleavage-cam, receiving a tank full of glorious orange gunge; covering her head and torso; filling her shirt and turning it see-through! Pippa was a bit sad to lose, but took the gunge wonderfully and looked fantastic getting covered in the bright goo!
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